Avonlea Learning Community

Avonlea Learning Community is a progressive, non-profit school with multi-aged classrooms. Our school house is nestled on 180 acres of farm and forest land which offers plenty of room for outdoor and project based learning. Our purpose is to inspire, educate, and enable our students to become competent, capable, and compassionate adults by teaching foundational academics, critical thinking, ecological awareness, and a blend of primitive and emerging technologies.

Project Based Learning

We believe that working with our hands and caring for living animals and plants instills important lessons in children and teens. Avonlea students participate as poultry farmers and caretakers of our school garden.

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Multi-Age Classrooms

By providing a mixed age classroom, our children can learn at their own pace in their own style, as well as through group guided participation, where they learn by observing modeled behavior and techniques.

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Nature Conection

Our gardens, our chickens, and the beautiful land our school rests upon all contribute to our sense of place and give us numerous opportunities to practice land-based skills. Nature is one of our favorite classrooms!

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